Jhangad is a platform that connects customers, retailers, and jewelry suppliers to create a seamless and comprehensive jewelry shopping experience. Here's how it works:

Browsing Jewelry: Customers can visit the Jhangad website to browse a wide selection of jewelry from various stores across India. These stores may be either online or offline, ensuring a diverse range of options.

Purchase Options: Customers have two convenient options to make a purchase. They can either click on a product to be redirected to the vendor or supplier's website for a direct purchase. Alternatively, customers can choose to buy from the same product from their local retailer.

Local Retailers: Local retailers partnered with Jhangad can offer customers the option to order jewelry directly through them. This allows customers to benefit from personalized service and support from their trusted local retailers. The retailers can then order this jewelry through vendor website at a special price thereby earning commission for every sale affected through them.


Retailers Benefits:

  • Increased Sales: Local retailers partnering with Jhangad can expand their customer base and boost sales by offering a wider range of jewelry options available through the platform.

  • Commission Earnings: Retailers have the opportunity to earn commissions on every sale they facilitate through Jhangad. 


  • Wide Selection: Customers benefit from access to a diverse range of jewelry options from various stores across India, ensuring they can find the perfect piece for their preferences.

  • Choice of Purchase: Customers can choose between a direct purchase by being redirected to the supplier's website or buying from their trusted local retailer.

  • Local Support: For those who prefer a personal touch, buying from a local retailer through Jhangad allows customers to enjoy face-to-face support and assistance.


  • Increased Sales: Suppliers will literally have tens and hundreds of Retail jewelry stores vouching and marketing their awesome products thereby increasing sales.

    Increased Visibility: Jewelry suppliers gain exposure to a broader customer base by listing their stores on Jhangad, both online and offline.

  • Marketing Platform: Jhangad serves as a marketing platform, allowing suppliers to showcase their products to a wider audience, thereby increasing brand awareness.

  • Streamlined Sales: Suppliers can enjoy streamlined sales processes, as customers can easily discover and purchase their products through the platform.

About Us

At Jhangad, we take pride in presenting an exquisite collection of exclusive gold, silver, and fashion jewelry from some of the most rad brands and talented designers across India.readMore...

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